Debbie Morton

Carré d’artistes Philadelphia owner, Debbie Morton, comes from a long line of culinary artists (father Arnie founded the international restaurant chain, Morton’s Steak House; brother Peter co-founded, The Hard Rock Café), but the visual arts have been her primary passion. After completing degrees at University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University, Debbie spent fifteen years as an award-winning documentary filmmaker, working in locations ranging from Las Vegas and London to Hong Kong, Manila, and Delhi. On a 2013 vacation in France she fell in love with a Paris-based Carré d’artistes gallery—not only the beauty of its collection, but the ethical vision behind its business model—and she invested herself in a new artistic direction. Carré d’artistes wrapped visual beauty and social consciousness into a totally fresh international business model that immediately captivated her.  When not in her gallery, Debbie can be found soaking up family time with her three children and her husband, a professor of political philosophy at Swarthmore College.