Véronique Fièvre

After a childhood already punctuated by periods of drawing, Veronica began painting in the 80s. In the various workshops she attended, she tried all the classic techniques from pastel to charcoal, including oil and watercolour. Through contact with teachers and other artists, Veronica moved to define a personal style, which resonated with her free and impulsive personality. The strength of her painting is based on simplicity and reserve. Like a tightrope walker on a highwire, she rejects the superfluous to better touch the truth of things.
Véronique paints using knives and spatulas, allowing her to press more or less heavily on the background, or remove and add layers. She uses oil paints for canvas and acrylics for paper. Her frank gestures mark her work with scratches and scrapes. In this way she lets the forgotten colours under the layers reappear. The abstract landscapes of the artist are also distinguished by their roughness. Using material as a mineral texture, she transcribes the sensations when in contact with reality.

Located in the Île-de-France (Val-d'Oise), Véronique nourishes her inspiration from urban and rural walks. In the streets and countryside that she walks through, she allows herself to be surprised by details: a unique architectural form, two shades that match, etc. This painter from the Parisian region gathers images and sensations that allow her to find her way through the canvas. She evolves through the blank space without preconceived ideas, juxtaposing colours and shapes. The abstract subject gradually reveals its mystery. Veronique then allows herself to be swept away on a pictorial journey off the beaten path.