Shahine was born and spent her early years in Madagascar where her parents were working, but they quickly returned to France for their children’s education. She studied in a business school in Paris where her creative instinct led her to carry out all of her internships in creative fields (textiles, design). She returned regularly to Madagascar where she was irresistibly drawn to the ambiance of the markets: colors, prints, pigments… Her friends and family encouraged her to devote herself to her art and so she decided to make it her living.

Shahine sublimates the colors through a respect of the medium, the handling of the knife and the brush. A judicious mix of tones produces a light that fills her canvas with life. She plays with daring contrasts, using oils with much respect for the majesty of this material. Her knife work is executed with vigor and spontaneity. Shahine uses the sensuality of oils to release alchemy somewhere between serenity and passion. Her works all have strength and vulnerability in common; that is how the artist expresses her sensitivity.

Today Shahine’s work evolves around six themes, each one different from the next: ‘horizons’, ‘urban figures’, ‘escape’, ‘bestiaries’, ‘silhouettes’ and more recently ‘travel logs’. These themes are dear to her because apart from her inspiration, they are the result of numerous travels. The richness of daily life, meetings, cultures, and colors (like the red earth of Madagascar) are all emotions that mark her life and her work. She wishes to push the eye to travel, to a change of scenery, to the suggestion of scenes. In her daily life, she finds urban, nature and marine scenes that all transport her. Shahine’s approach consists of expressing the visible world in her reflections and suggestions. Every day offers her a multitude of artistic propositions.