The career of sculptor, painter and visual artist Robert Sgarra is unusual. He ended his studies in year 10 and obtained a vocational qualification doing an apprenticeship alongside his father in construction. His self-educated painting began at the age of 13 by finding brushes at his brother’s house. Yet there was nothing artistic about his family, except a little painting representing the rabbit “Bugs Bunny” that his father had painted as a child and which today hangs in his studio. From there, too, came his unconditional love of comics, which had a growing influence on his work. Pop art and fiery, tawny colour are joyfully revisited in inventive, daring, and sometimes monumental works.

He uses only acrylic. He did try oil, but soon found “that it was not right for this work”. At 22, he started to sculpt. He claims the work of Pablo Picasso and his cubism among his many influences, “because it is pure creation”, and Modigliani and Caesar for sculpture. He quit his tiler-decorator business in 1998 to definitively embark on a rich artistic career full of success.

After living from the age of 10 to 54 years old in the south of France, he has just left the Côte d'Azur for Auvergne for its calm and its landscapes. A house and a very large workshop where he lives in peace allow him to “paint better”.


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