Michèle Loussouarn

This artist from the Great East has always expressed herself through the arts, whether through drawing, painting or sculpture. In this way, with a baccalaureate in her pocket, Michèle spontaneously gravitated towards advanced studies in the plastic arts and centered her career on personal practice and teaching.

Member of the "Rainbow" association in Mulhouse since 2008, Michèle started an intense work focusing on nudes, essentially feminine ones, which she enriches with multiple vivid colors. In parallel, she pursues her activities in sculpture and painting, regularly providing courses for children and adults. Profoundly nourished by her additional occupations, the artist loves her workshop efforts to chime with those she provides during her training periods.

For a number of years, Michèle’s artistic approach has been directed to two themes on which she works assiduously, namely portraits and nudes. Executed with both precise and refined gestures, her subjects emerge from the surface of the paper by means of delicate lines suggesting more than they actually show. Citing the German painter Paul Klee (1879-1940), "art does not reproduce the visible, it makes visible", Michèle is at pains to attach a body to her characters, by giving them curves and textures through a subtle play of full and empty. Then she uses aquarelle or acrylic to intensify the drawing at the whim of an astonishing palette of strongly contrasting colors. Her constant research is a balance between harmony of forms and visual depth, so the artist "works in successive layers or deletions until she is satisfied".