Laura Tietjens

Used to drawing and painting from a very young age, Laura naturally turned to studies in art. After graduating, she began her work by producing illustrations, but she still created and exhibited her more personal creations during her spare time.
A major medical problem forced her reluctantly to put her career on hold for several years; in spite of everything, this experience allowed her to gain self-confidence and serenity in her life and her artistic practice. Through her paintings, the artist artistically transforms her observation of human beings, their questionings, both daily and spiritual, and reinterprets human emotions.
Painting in accordance with the protocol by which a single technique is to be used to create all of the paintings belonging to the same series, Laura’s works prove themselves to be varied and made up of very different styles, materials and techniques. Contradiction is at the centre of her work. The techniques she chooses to use – which are principally oil and watercolor – are contradictory by their own characteristics; the pictorial styles for their part converge even within the painting where modern and expressive elements superimpose and mix with more traditional forms inspired by classical painting.
The artist justifies this artistic and graphic ambivalence through emotions, often contrasting, individuals feel. The feeling of faintness and instability that emerge from her work claim to be an interpretation of conflicts with which can sometimes be confronted. The painting is lively and emotional, and the gestures immediately reproduce in an almost compulsive way the mental images of the artist.

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