Breton by his father, Dunkirk by his mother, Albert is born in the Allier where his parents had taken refuge during the war, in free zone, fleeing the hell of Dunkirk. He is an artist when, at the age of 16, receives his first guitar and his first brushes. He joined the Beaux-Arts and became draftsman in public works, advertising model maker, art photographer, singer and songwriter. For several years he devoted himself to the interpretation of his musical compositions. Tired by this hectic life, he finally settled in the South of France. He isolates himself from the crazy world he has known and devotes himself to painting. Albert prefers a time the freedom of expression of watercolor: the water and the colors are mixed with a part of unknown, without construction and retouching. After many years devoted to this technique, he seeks to find the spontaneous gesture of his watercolors inspired by Turner through oil painting. He works this material without construction with a knife, spatula or trowel directly on a cardboard or canvas support. The knife technique gives her abstract freedom of expression while keeping the realism of the theme expressed. Albert is a man of the sea by his origins. It is always towards her that he turns to seek an answer to his doubts and misplaced artist. It is in her, as in the maternal bosom, that he finds a reflection, an identity, a new breath of life. In Brittany, Dunkirk or Mèze in the Mediterranean, it is the sea that calls and responds to it. His painting is marked by the spontaneity of the gesture and the color with always a hidden figurative reminder. The suggestive and the imaginary come together to become one. His works are questions where straight lines and curves meet and merge. Albert's artistic mission is to bring the regenerating dream into a materialistic and traumatic society.

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