After graduating from the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona in 1999, the Catalan artist Agusil immediately embarked on a brilliant career as a painter. He is fascinated by women's faces and was quickly drawn to portraits, which he worked on for many years alongside his cousin Maria, with whom he developed a unique technique.

He finds his inspiration in photographs as well as in the people he sees in order to construct his multi-colored portraits, capturing at times a seductive glance, a mysterious expression... The blurred stains of colour contrast with the penetrating eyes and preciously sculpted lips, which reveal the full character of his figures. In order to obtain this result, the artist covers his canvases in resounding colors of oil and acrylic paint, which he then reworks with a spatula or a paintbrush.

He is greatly influence by contemporary artists such as the Chinese painter Xino Yang Shaobin or the Spanish painter Santiago Ydáñez and his work draws from "action painting", which is a movement that puts emphasis on the physical performance of the painter. Agusil works from instinct with quick and assured gestures and leaves much room for randomness. Since it is applied in big gestures and often mixed with water, the paint runs down, which creates embossed designs and effects with unexpected lights and in this way gravity and materiality dictate their laws. He wishes to let his subconscious express itself in the stains that at first seem random but that always end up incarnating a brilliantly lively character.

Today, he continues his artistic research on his own and his work evolves towards colours that are more and more saturated and towards shapes that feed off of abstract experiments, without every losing their figuration.