Abelardo Hernandez

Abelardo grew up in Havana (Cuba) where he developed an intense creativity from an early age. Inspired by the colourful and warm Caribbean environment, he had a desire to shape a magical universe.

His attraction to murals, mosaics and sculpture led him to pursue studies at the School of Fine Arts. Following this training, he decided to devote himself entirely to his artistic activity and explored various techniques (painting, sculpture, ceramics ...). He began by exhibiting in Cuba and the United States, but in 1993, he moved to Madrid and extended his career throughout Europe.

Abelardo’s work is a synthesis of his artistic experiences. Today, collage allows him to seamlessly combine all these disciplines in each canvas. His work is a permanent coming and going between painting and sculpture, awakening in this way a new curiosity.

Abelardo starts with a flat surface and gradually superimposes different materials (paper, cardboard, wood, objects). His painting is three-dimensional, almost becoming low relief. He seeks to reconcile organic forms with mineral elements such as crystal and metal. These compositions give rise to all sorts of variations, volume and colour.

His favourite themes are women and animals, from which he extracts grace and elegance. His work with volume gives life and strength to the characters. Captivating geishas and gorgeous Africans are at the heart of the canvas, in all their beauty and majesty.

Abelardo plays with collages, inviting with provocation discovery of pockets of silence and the importance of its origins: hope and freedom. He wants to achieve with these assemblies the vision that he is attempting to depict. His painting is imbued with strength and colour, evidence of his passionate spiritual life, a call to reach out.