THE SCOUT GUIDE: An inside look into a collector's home

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(Artist: Vincent Gachaga - Lyon, France)

There is a fantastic Andy Warhol quote that CARRÈ D’ARTISTES Art Gallery here in Philadelphia stands by, “Art should not be reserved for the privileged few, art is for everyone.” This perfectly crafted quote truly embodies what CARRÈ D’ARTISTES believes in and represents in the art world here in Philadelphia. Located in the heart of Midtown Village at 104 South 13th Street, this exceptional gallery is focused on one task, and that is bringing high-end original contemporary artwork to everyone. The gallery presents a wide range of artistic genres, styles, and trends from talented artists around the world. Each artist who has their artwork featured at CARRÈ D’ARTISTES Art Gallery will offer their original pieces in four sizes and four prices.  No two paintings are the same, and all pieces are certified and signed. Each client has the option of getting the art framed at the time of purchase with six different styles of frames in a variety of finishes.  What an amazing concept!


(Artist: Mix of Laurent Dorchin - Provence, France & Carlo Trevisan - Italian Surrealist) 

The accessible artwork featured at CARRÈ D’ARTISTES is ever-changing and remains fresh and relevant each month. The client base has increasingly grown here in Philadelphia, and we aren’t surprised in the least bit! With the fabulous selection of art to choose from, we thought it would be fun to sit down and chat with one of CARRÈ D’ARTISTES top clients, Adam Pasternack. He carries 19 pieces of artwork from Carrè d’artistes in his home which resides in Conshohocken. Here is what Adam had to say…  

How did you discover CARRÈ D’ARTISTES Art Gallery in Philadelphia, and what drew you to the gallery initially? 

I was going to dinner at the restaurant, El Vez, located on the same block as CARRÈ D’ARTISTES. I happened to pass by the gallery, and the artwork in the windows really struck me as impressive. I had just finished renovating my entire new home and the last thing I needed to do was get art for all of my bare walls.  There we were, a few pieces in the window that caught my attention, I walked into the gallery and met Kim the Director of Sales. She was amazing, and here I am with 19 pieces of artwork later…


(Artist: Carlo Trevisan - Italian Surrealist)

What artwork are you drawn to mostly from CARRÈ D’ARTISTES Art Gallery?

Colorful, abstract, jovial and especially the Philadelphia oriented/related artwork. I was born, raised and lived in center city from birth until I moved to the suburbs 30 years later, so the Philadelphia pieces really hit home to me.

What is the customer experience you have had working with CARRÈ D’ARTISTES Art Gallery?

Kimberly Pepper is the Director of Sales for the gallery, and she is awesome. Kim is very accommodating and helpful in every way. She understands the type of art I appreciate, and keeps in contact with me when new pieces or artists arrive in the gallery that she thinks I would like. She is thoughtful in her approach, and just a pleasure to work with.


(Artist: Laurent Dorchin - Provence, France)

What do you think separates CARRÈ D’ARTISTES from other art galleries in Philadelphia?

At one time and at one place the gallery carries numerous artists’ work that are originals in various sizes. These incredible works of art are fixed priced by size for a set period of time.  This concept provides a vast array of styles to choose from at any moment you walk in, and at various price points that fits any budget. The gallery remains fresh with artwork that is constantly changing either by existing artists providing new pieces or rotations of different artists. I love it!

What is your most favorite piece of artwork that you have purchased from the gallery?

Tough question seeing I only buy art that I love!  With that being said, my favorite is also the most unique which is a collage of various Philadelphia sights/places/items made from non-traditional materials that don’t stem from canvas or paint. It’s a great conversation piece.


(Artist: Vincent Gachaga - Lyon, France)

Be sure to stop on by to see all that is waiting for you! The inspiration is endless.  

Your Editor,

Angie Perry