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Shop Karen's Final collection with CARRE DARTISTES Philadelphia here, before it leaves our gallery July 4th. 

 Hale builds her paintings with layers of color, either thick or thin, which are then washed, “vitrified,” or wetted (giving a sponge effect); sometimes on highly textured surfaces (the relief supported by a coarse grain), or sometimes on a flat canvas. Drippings also sometimes play a role, interacting with each other. Karen uses a variety of tools in addition to traditional artists’ brushes, as objects found in the workshop or kitchen. She uses acrylic paints, paper, fabric, metal foil, pastels, or graphite. Her works are rich in color and full of nuances and textures, giving a real sense of depth to the painting’s viewer. Her mixed-media creations encourage imaginary travels and random emotions. 

Using the basic art elements of color, design and texture I create a vibrant and opulent canvas which both pleases and stimulates the art lover.  The absence of recognizable objective forms leads you on your own journey of discovery in each of my abstract paintings.
- Karen Hale