Chester Fund for the Education and the Arts- Five Year Anniversary Celebration at Carré D'artistes Art Gallery Philadelphia

Posted by Kim Pepper on

A wonderful evening was spent with supporters of The Chester Fund for the Education and the Arts at Carré D'artistes Gallery on Thursday November 3rd.   The celebration drew over 60 people who believe in the arts as we auctioned off artwork created by the students of the school and local artists. 100% of auction proceeds and 10% of gallery sales went to The Chester Charter School for the Arts. 

About The Chester Charter School for the Arts: While arts education is at an all-time low nationally, CCSA students participate in both fine and performing arts daily. The arts are also integrated into traditional academic subjects to provide a rich and dynamic learning experience. The results are powerful. In just five years, CCSA is the highest performing school in the Chester Upland School District.