August 5th- First Friday, featuring two new Carre Artists

Posted by Kim Pepper on

Two new incredible talents are being officially welcomed to our gallery-
Naen and Raphaelle Penaud.
Visit us Friday August 5th 6-9pm, for a glass of wine, shop the new collections, and receive 20% off framing with painting purchase. 
" Naen calls upon her intuition and spontaneity when producing her canvases. Equipped with paintbrushes, knives, fabric or even her fingers, the artist proceeds by affixing and juxtaposing powerfully coloured pictorial layers – made up on acrylic paints associated with Indian ink and sometimes enriched with marble powder. This technique allows the artist to play with the effects of materials, light, transparency and thus reveals new nuances whilst removing others."

"Penaud's  art comes from her love of illustration and her experience in graphic design. She draws inspiration from everything around her: skits stolen from her everyday life, music, poetry, travel, and landscapes. Raphaëlle puts down the image that she has in mind using oil pastels, after which she mixes acrylics with a brush, adding touches here and there with deliberate strokes. Then she spreads colored inks (sienna, yellow ochre, sepia) that she sponges quickly. A sort of magic occurs when this new material and color enriches the canvas. She lets the work sit for a time and then adds new details: with a knife blade she scratches out a flowered balcony or the shaggy hair on the ear of a cat.…. with a fine brush she paints a cat’s whiskers or a stretched out fireplace."

Le Jardin du Port by Raphaelle Penaud. 10"x10" mixed media on canvas