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Paintings featured above, far left moving clockwise:
'Autumn Street' by Angelov, Break Cigar by Trevisan, 'The Green Hill' by Angelov, 'A Sunny Autumn Day' by Angelov,'Independence Hall' by Penaud, 'Love 'by Trevisan, and 'Paulette' by Penaud.

Numbers Alarm -
7"x7" oil on canvas

14"x14"  oil on canvas

Souvenir D'Afrique
14"x14" oil on canvas

Liberty Bell-
7"x7"  oil on canvas

After the Working Day
7"x7" oil on canvas

The Last Sunny Day-
14"x14"  oil on canvas

Aubrening Street
7"x7" oil on canvas

Sunset Lake-
14"x14"  oil on canvas

A Travers Champs -
14"x14" Mixed Media on canvas

Le Papilloniste-
14"x14"  Mixed Media on canvas

2 Chats et 4 Souris -
14"x14" Mixed Media on canvas

Maisons Celestes

14"x14" Mixed Media on canvas

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