Creating Positive Spaces: An Inside Out Approach to Healing Environments

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by Saige Robb
Entering the New Year is a perfect time to reflect, set new goals, and reenergize and reevaluate different areas of our lives including physical, emotional, spiritual, professional, creative, and interpersonal relationships.  While some  New Year’s Resolutions can take months or even years to fulfill, we believe positive change starts at home and in the spaces and environments we surround  ourselves with.  This guide to creating positive spaces at your home and office includes quick tips and energetic shifts to provide you with a strong foundation for your most creative and fulfilling year yet!
  1. White Sage for Energy Clearing
Lift the energy of your space and clear the way for new love, success, and achievements with White Sage.  This 2,000 year old Indigenous American practice is also sometimes called “smudging”, and is an energy clearing practice said to absorb all negative energies in your home clearing energetic pathways.  Great times to “smudge”: before starting a new job or business venture, moving into a new home or refreshing your space, after an argument or illness, and before and after having guests. 
To smudge your space, light dried white sage and place on a heat-proof surface like a glass jar or dish.  Walk with the sage and raise the smoke to corners, doorways, entrances, and shadowed areas like closets or dark hallways.  Focus on clearing negativity and stale emotions and energy from your space.
  1. Feng Shui for Love & Success
If your space is feeling a little stagnant, before you run to HomeGoods to reaccessorize, try rearranging your existing space through Feng Shui.  Although most homes in the West are not designed with Feng Shui in mind, small Feng Shui additions can be added to any home to majorly boost your opportunities and success.  Choose a few areas you’d like to concentrate on and try to implement the colors listed or fresh new energy like a new plant, painting, or even an aquarium or small fountain in these areas of your home or office can help you attain the wealth, love, and abundance you desire. 
  1. Surround yourself with pieces that inspire you and things you love
The best way to start a new year is by clearing out things that no longer serve you, to make space for the life you want and deserve.  Take a look at your home and office, are there things lingering that don’t reflect who you are and what your want?  A wall that could use some rejuvenating or would you like to create a more restful bedroom?  Consider original art.  Not only does it change the look and feel of any room it adorns, having something handmade and born out of inspiration in your space reflects the time, commitment and creativity that will inspire your life as well.  Embedding something beautiful that connects with your soul into your home will inject a positive sentiment into your day every time you see it.
These oil paintings by Carre D’Artistes Artist, Angel Angelov, reflect the beauty in all seasons and times of day, reminding us that nothing blooms all year round. See the paintings on our website or in the gallery.
Not sure where to begin?  Schedule a complimentary consultation with the gallery to discuss a comprehensive artistic plan for your home today!  Email us at or call the gallery at 215.735.2800 to begin reshaping your space and your life today!


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