CLIENT FEATURE: The Northern Liberties office of Patient Care Coordination

Posted by Kim Pepper on

Companies benefit from having original art as a talking piece and showcase of their support for the arts. Businesses thrive and enrich their communities when they make connections with local art galleries and artists.  
"It was a true pleasure having the opportunity to work with Carre d'artistes and their fabulous team in sprucing up our offices at Patient Care Coordination. Having come across Carre d'artistes was a pleasant coincidence and a good one at that! It was nice to be able to work alongside the talents of both Debbie Morton and Kimberly Pepper in filling the empty spaces that were so bare at the PCC office. Their vision and talents had a significant impact on how inviting and appeasing the office space at Patient Care Coordination has become. I was delighted that all I had to do was provide a sense of my vision and motif, and Debbie and Kim did the rest. From providing options of various paintings and artists, using technology to provide mocks of the art walls to the execution of the project; the entire process was seamless and a true delight from start to finish; pretty fun as well for those art lovers out there too I must say as I had a blast and learned a ton! With all things considered, an important factor of the entire process that was far from lost by both Debbie and Kim was that we maintained a sense of the vision and energy of that of what PCC stands for, which was a family oriented environment and the feeling of home; that we definitely maintained if not exceeded. Since these great artistic contributions to the aesthetics of the PCC offices, we have had the pleasure of hearing many compliments and have truly been ecstatic with the feedback of each of our visitors from staff, dignitaries, participants, families and State regulators. Thank you to the team at Carre d'artistes for your talents and vision! You guys are true artistic visionaries and are proud to have such a talented community partner! Cheers! :-) "
Paul S Rimar, MSW 
Executive Director at Patient Care Coordination 


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