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#Be Original
Original Art
The painting featured above: Angie by Anne Pivot-Iafrate. 40"x40" mixed media on stretched canvas, now on exhibition at Carré D’artistes Art Gallery Philadelphia. 
Patrick Rousseau
Medium: oil on stretched canvas.
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Anne Pivot-Iafrate
Medium: mixed media (oil and gold leaf on stretched canvas).
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Frederic Thiery 
Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas.
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David Fonteyne
Medium: oil on stretched canvas.
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Julien Rey
Medium: lacquer and gold leaf on masonite 
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Isabelle DeJoantho
Medium: mixed media (mortar, French paper/wire, acrylic) on stretched canvas.
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Carre d'artistes Art Gallery Philadelphia
104 S. 13th St. Philadelphia, Pa 19107 


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