5 Reasons to Buy Original Art

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By Saige Robb

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes decisions on where to shop and what to buy for your home and loved ones. We can help!

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider original art to spread holiday cheer this season:


1. Become Your Own Curator

buy original artAt Carré D’Artistes Philadelphia, we encourage our clients and visitors to experiment. Allow whatever draws your attention to guide you when looking at art.

Guests often ask, “Can I mix artists and styles?” The answer is YES!

What makes a space "your space" is your unique vibe and style, which you can create over time as you select and grow your original art collection.

Over the years, your style may evolve to include different looks. Whenever you decide to start an original art collection, your artwork will serve as a vibrant living reminder of moments and memories throughout your life.


2. Add Instant Conversation Pieces

Visually, original artwork is a powerful storyteller.

This doesn't just apply to the artist who created the work, which we so often discussed in museums and Art History classes for centuries after its creation. Artwork is a unique visual insight into the owner’s life and passions.

When a new guest comes into your home or a new client visits your business, artwork serves as a beautiful icebreaker for conversation.

That painting you bought on an amazing vacation, the wedding gift you received from a close friend, a piece that has your child’s name inscribed on it; all of this serves as a natural way to connect with people about the story of celebrations, important days, travel memories, and new chapters.

Cocktail parties have a much more fluid feel when great original art is present, serving as a way for guests to become acquainted not only with you and your space, but also with each other in a whole new way.

buy original art - featured pieces

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3. Fill Your Space With Energy Boosters

We take in so much information from sensory cues in our environment.

Original art has its own powerful energy to heal, inspire, uplift, and transcend the present moment.

This theory is taking hold in hospitals, businesses, restaurants and private homes throughout the world as we become more in-tune with creating nurturing, positive spaces.

A great piece, with texture and color or an inspiring image can serve as a visual anchor to feelings of positivity and gratitude.

This is especially powerful with children, as the presence of original artwork inspires imagination and sparks the curiosity of so many young friends.

Here's a powerful idea: place a piece that inspires you or evokes positive feelings right near your front door, so when you enter the world and when you return home you have a consistent reminder to look up and tap into your happiness.


4. Create Wow Factor Focal Points

buy original art - LOVEOriginal art can be an impressive statement that brings power and centrality to your space.

In commercial spaces and businesses, art can often be an influencing factor drawing in customers and clients. It can help speak to the level of taste and attention to detail the business will provide as a whole.

In your home, imagine a friend walking into your home to see a new, bold piece hung in the center of your living room, drawing together the room and your home in a whole new way.

The only response? "Wow."


5. Support Emerging Artists Globally

buy original art - ParkwayAt Carré D’Artistes Philadelphia, we are fortunate to exhibit 15 incredible international artists.

Each piece displayed in our gallery is one-of-a-kind, a direct handmade work of art delivered straight from the artist to your waiting wall space.

With so much fast fashion and fast decor in the world, original artwork will not break down over time. Great art only gains the prestige and esteem of a beautiful work becoming better with time.

Buying original artwork at Carré D’Artistes Philadelphia directly supports a locally owned small business, which in turn supports artists expanding their careers and broadening their audiences internationally.

All you need to begin your collection and start enhancing your life and your space through original art is one great original piece! Stop in to see us every day from 11 AM- 8 PM, and don’t forget to ask about our custom framing!

Click here to view Carré D'Artistes Philadelphia's list of available artwork.


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